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Public domains Images for Free – Tips to Finding Them

A site without images would look so dull.  However, photos not only make a site to look fancy, but also establish the clients trust on your brand. They boost conversation, boost brand awareness, make your site to rank highly on search engines and also responsible for a myriad of other things. People today simply search photos online to publish on their e-commerce site. However before doing this, you first need to consider cost as well as time. There are sites that charge you to download images to use in your e-commerce store, and then there are sites where it is free to get one, and sourcing your public domains images is free here. In this article, you will be equipped with handy tips for finding ideal public domain images for your e-commerce store.

1. Search for them using Google image search

Advanced Google search lets you specify rights restrictions to get images that can be shared without infringing on copyright. You need to go to image.google.com, and then enter your search word at the space provided. Wait for the results to show, then click on the gear icon which is at the top right. After this, select the Advanced Search that is on the pop-up menu found under the gear. Put the search words in the dialog box at the top and then select the image size and put large. Pacify the aspect ratio as wide so that you get landscape photos. Finally on the usage rights, specify the free to use and share or you can as well choose free to share or modify and that’s it.

tips to finding free images

2. Use Flickr

The main reason why photographers use a Creative Commons License are for people to share and use their work in their websites. Using Flickr you can easily search for photos that are CC licensed. Go to the website, www.flickr.com and enter your search words there. A result page will appear and here, click on the Advanced Search found on the upper right corner of the page. Finally, select ‘Only Search Within Creative Commons-Licensed Content.’

3. Use Creative Commons image search

Creative Commons’ official websites lets you to find public domains images to use for your website. It has many search engines that find CC licensed pictures. While you are online, type  https://search.creativecommons.org/ ones it have loaded, choose a search engine to use in finding your images. Few search engines that it integrates include Flickr, Google, Wikipedia, Open Clip Art Library just to name a few. Enter your search term in the search query segment then press the enter button and you will directed to search results that contains only images. It is possible to use these images for modification and adaptation under the CC license.

4. Conducting a reverse search to check whether your images are on CC

Sometimes we save images on our computers that we would like to use for our bi-roll.  Often one may not be sure whether these pictures can be reused adapted or modified under the Creative Commons license. What do you do when you are in such a state? You need to conduct a reverse picture search to know whether it is okay to still use the image. Go to this site, https://tineye.com/. There is an arrow icon in the middle of the page and when you click there, the site will let you upload the saved image. This site produces results that show the location of your saved image. Use the web sources to determine whether the image despite it being published in other websites, can still be reused elsewhere. Always be sure to check whether it is right to use public domains images before publishing them in your site to avoid infringing on copyright.

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